America has been in the grip of accelerating inequality for decades.  Politicians have been supporting policies that benefit the few at the expense of everyone else.  No matter what you call it - trickle down economics, free market fundamentalism, crony capitalism - it is all rooted in the idea that if you take care of the people at the very top, everyone benefits.  That is a lie and we reject it.

This site has one simple purpose: to provide us and our fellow citizens with facts, graphics, and more reading about income inequality, wealth concentration, and our corrupt economic system.  Steal these facts, graphics, and ideas.  Hack them, tweet them, put them up on telephone poles, on walls, on cars, on buses, etc.  This is our world and we will reclaim it.  


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This website is a project of The True Patriot Network, an independent progressive organization. We believe that extreme inequality undermines American greatness.


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